Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tip 18

Krebscout Survival Tip #18: Read The Little Prince. Right now.

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Thirdmango said...

I can't! I don't have it! Whatever am I to do? Blast and/or egad!

The Chalice of Evil said...

That is an excellent book. :)
Actually, you have to be careful about reading a translation of The Little Prince. There are two different translations. The older one is infinitely better than the newer one. Sadly, the older one is much more difficult to get a hold of. You'll probably want to borrow it from a friend or see about checking it out from the library.
The other option is to just read it in French.

krebscout said...

Hey third.

You should probably borrow my copy as soon as Optimistic. is done with it.

Which, judging by my post, should be about now.

ChillyGator said...

Oh! Good suggestion! I pulled it off my bookcase this morning and planned to read it "soon" but you've convinced me. I will have to put aside things I didn't want to do anyway and read it Right Now.

Optimistic. said...

I did read it. Just now, in fact.