Tuesday, March 20, 2007

a secret

Last night I went running for the first time in my life. Oh sure I've ran before, when moved upon by a predatory or a HEPEtory force, but last night I went running. It was an absolute craving. I ran for five minutes straight - a titanic accomplishment, I assure you. I ended up in the center (I'm only assuming it was the center; there was a circle with an X in it, after all) of an empty field by Kiwanis and I sat and I had a visit with the universe. Why do the clouds look so pink at night? Anyway I got to thinking about my motivations. I've got all these lists of self renovations and I'm real good at starting them and I'm no good at finishing them. I have, luckily, made permanent changes in myself, but it was never out of sheer discipline and willpower. It was only ever because my desires changed. And I need the Lord's help for that. He can change mens' natures. He can change mine. I just have to ask.

On my way home, a runner said "Hey" to me. "Hey"! As if I were one of them. Ha. Sucker.

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Thirdmango said...

Motivations has always been an interesting thing for me. I can only motivate myself through joy and want. Nothing else. Fear doesn't work.

You have to show me where this field is, for i know not of it and you have peaked my curiousity.