Thursday, February 15, 2007

I challenge thee

Today, I overheard a girl say, "Ah crap, I forgot to write my three words!"

This made me wonder. I figured that to cause such drama, this must have been an assignment of some sort, but what kind of teacher assigns three words? How hard is it to come up with three words? Can you say anything truly significant in three words only?

So I thought, if someone told me I had to choose three words for the rest of my life, three words to be my message to the world, what would I choose?

I assign this three-word essay to you. I will accept conventional contractions and hyphenated words.

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ahem. said...

Don't be run-of-the-mill.

Yellow said...

Shoot, if I can only pick three words, there's so much left out. But, okay.

Love everyone, everything.

krebscout said...

I thought of mine.

Come unto Christ.

ChillyGator said...

My three words these past four months have been.

"Yes, I'll wait."

...still waiting.

Optimistic. said...

[opens mouth]

Food goes here.

Thirdmango said...

As I can't copy anyone else's I'll go with

"Live your Life"

Thirdmango said...

Yeah, being friends is a good idea, I added you as a gmail friend too.

flippin said...

Growing up sucks.

(Is it okay if I use parts of past assignments?)