Thursday, February 1, 2007

What the gladsome?

So ... apparently there's a card in the Ride Board with my name on it (I certainly didn't put it there, and I am the only krebscout at BYU) and it says "I'm cute" on it.

The combined mystery/weirdness/awesomeness of this event pleases me exceedingly.

Who did this? I'm looking at you, ahem.

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ahem. said...

‘twasn’t I

Wally_III said...

How in the world did you find something like this out?! You truly are amazing.

krebscout said...

I know some stuff.

Really, it was Dragon Lady who found the card and told Yellow about it, who told me.

Well I went to the Ride Board and found the card - it was one I had put there ages ago to find a ride to Washington this summer. But someone other than me did write "I'm cute!" on it.

Scarlet Flamingo said...

Well, I was going to go into studio art with an emphasis in painting. Unfortunatly they only allow werf to apply two times.

I will be graduating with a BA in visual arts. Since I'm finishing up all of my course work, I will just take some of the classes I was going to take for the major. The only thing is I won't have a final BFA show.

Hopefully I will have just a show.

New Yorker said...

Kreb, someone's done that to me recently as well. Had about 5 calls going to/from idaho too!