Monday, January 8, 2007

My Adventure

It would seem my exodus to blogspot has rendered me prolific. Sorry about that.

This break was excellent, and also not very restful for my body.

For the duration of the two weeks, I battled an epic sore throat in the depths of Moria. On Wednesday, I had my little surgery, the experience of which I keep wanting to post about because some of it was really quite funny, if perhaps not appropriate for all audiences. I am amused that there was so much ado about nothing - seriously, you or I could have performed this surgery with an Xacto knife and an icepack. MacGuyver could have done it with a mitten. But all the things they pumped into me (after four exciting excavations into my veins) to ensure a comfortable surgery had me all whacked. I later found a patch behind my ear and some sort of diode still latched to my side that I certainly wasn't expecting. I basically slept solid through that day, depriving me of a day of break, but somehow my mental clock set itself forward a day, so when I mentally should have been in Thursday, it was actually Friday, but I was mentally in Saturday, in effect depriving me of two days of my life. I expect them back.

So I was sick already, put my body through all sorts of superfluous stress, and yet foolishly chose to stay up until between two and four a.m. most nights.

While in this state, my brother and I made plans to drive back to Provo on Thursday. The original original plan was to fly black on Friday, but snow prevented this. Snow also prevented leaving Thursday. So we ended up beginning our drive on Saturday, my brother, his roommate, and me.

The wind was doing some interesting things to Wyoming during that drive. It blew the powder over the road in flat swirling sheets of little aurora boreali that were really quite beautiful. Sometimes it grew to an engulfing cloud - all the dangers of zero-visibility fog with the added dangers of ice and strong winds. The sky above us was blue and sunny, though.

So we had barely reached the first town in Wyoming when the highways closed. The boys and I found a hotel room. I slept most of the evening, they tried to play X-box (which we had with us, but we were missing a cord), and we watched the endings of many movies, including Terminator III, The Wedding Planner, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It was a good old fashioned Let's-make-the-most-of-it experience. And you know what? I really like my brother.

After a night's rest and a solid (free) breakfast of doughnuts and apple juice, we departed once more during the single fifteen minute window that the highways were open. The wind wasn't any better, and the ice was much worse, forcing us to go 20 mph for some stretches of the highway. We were just about the only little car on the road - semis definitely had their day. I spent the hours admiring the ballistic patterns of roadsludge on the sides of their trailors and considering how they remind me of the special way that cinnamon sits on the tops of snickerdoodles.

We listened to a lot of good music and we talked about a lot of good things. I really appreciate the fact that I was in company that could take a potentially frustrating experience and make it ... sort of fun.

However, upon returning home eager for a shower, my shampoo and conditioner were gone. Do you know where they are?

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Genuine Draft said...

Sorry about your shampoo and conditioner - I drank them. Long story short, I was trapped in your bathroom over break for 37 hours. I don't know what happened exactly, but I think that the Bolsheviks were involved.

dimmi said...

Wait a minute... the depths of Moria?

When I was seven or eight years old, we had a computer game for our old, old Mac called Moria. I haven't thought about it in ages. My parents and I really got into it.

You're probably talking about Palestine, though.

krebscout said...

Actually, I was talking about the Mines of Moria, where the dwarves live. That might be in Palestine, I'm not sure.

To complete the analogy, picture my sore throat as a Balrog.