Saturday, March 24, 2012

A list of crazy recent things

- Getting propositioned in a hot sulphur spring by a man with a bad goatee. With all of my sisters, my sisters-in-law, and my mother.
- Trying to go through airport security with a knife in my bag. I did not know it was there.
- Snowshoeing for the first time.
- Being told that I would make being in hell more fun, because I would bring glowsticks for everybody.
- Seeing a waterfall rushing beneath a thick layer of ice.
- Joy School on Thursday, which included a dislocated elbow, vomit from an allergic reaction to a stolen sandwich, and a little boy pulling his pants down and relieving himself in the middle of the playground. Guess which one of those was my son.
- Only getting to see Andy three days out of a ten day span (he stayed with the kids while I went to Colorado, and I've been watching the kids while he's been at an academic conference in Boston).
- Interviewing for an apartment coordinator position. If we get the position - and I think we have a good chance - we may have to move to a different apartment, or even a different complex in the housing system. Which means we could leave our ward.
- We'll also be flying to Texas soon, to visit the school there. We're still entertaining several PhD options.
- Elliot told me today that his best friend's name was John Carter, and that his tummy hurt because there were spiderwebs in it.
- Corryn is definitely growing into a more willful stage of life. But I'm fine with that - she was always so easygoing, I'm glad she's making her opinions known. Though I'm not pleased that she decided to get a little fever today.

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