Sunday, October 9, 2011

no but really, you gotta check these out

When I say that Elliot's drawing skills are blossoming, I mean it. So, often, our drawings are collaborative; he will ask me to "Help a draw a robot!" and I will draw a rectangle for the head, then he will add facial features and body parts. So this is a drawing we did last week. I drew the two rectangles, he did the rest:

Below is one he drew the same day, but I didn't do any part of it. This was all him, and he told me it was a skeleton:

And this one must be from last night. He asked me to draw Darth Vader at Stake Conference last night, so I drew Darth's head (sans pupils). When Andy looked through Elliot's sketchbook this morning, he found this little gem:

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Brooke Premo said...

They're so good (and you're head drawings are pretty impressive too).

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I can't believe that your Dad is the sculptor who made that. That is incredible! And also, my brother-in-law's name is also Mark Hopkins. Crazy!

Sarah said...

Um, I guess it's genetic then? Crazy amazing. Crazy!

Crystal said...

He is really talented! I'm impressed!

emilyf said...

quite impressive, actually! I love what I assume is Darth's belly button :)

I don't think we've met either, but it's always great to make blogging friends! Thanks for your compliment on my blog, I enjoy reading yours, too! And I'm sorry to hear about your (maybe) gluten intolerance. May you not have to adapt too much and still enjoy eating!