Thursday, May 26, 2011

Potty like it's 1999

He's only had one accident in the past two days. But don't think that means he's potty-trained: it just means he's really good at holding it in. He's been resisting going on the potty, and very rarely initiates it - we figure out he needs to go when he does a little knees-together dance or asks for his towel. He's very aware of the messes he makes, and he likes to carry a towel around his waist. To get it to work, he REALLY needs to go and we need to be VERY persuasive, especially with treats.

But he's so cute running around in his little Buzz Lightyear underwear.

(P.S. - Thanks for all the love.)

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Keri said...

Good luck with potty training! We're still working on it with Anya too--sometimes she's really good and wants to be "a big girl" and use the toilet...and other times she just kicks the potty (luckily only when it's empty). Hopefully both our kids will get serious about the whole toilet thing soon.