Saturday, December 18, 2010

Darn those pesky nature problems

PROBLEMS???? DON'T GIVE UP! GUARANTEED RESULTS IN 10 HOURS. SISTER HAYNES. This southern-born Spiritualist who brings to you the mysteries of the deep south. She seeks to help many thousands of people who have been crossed, have spells can't hold money [sic], want luck, want their loved ones back, want to stop nature problems or want to get rid of a strange sickness. If you are seeking a sure-fire woman to do for you the things that are needed or wish to gain financial aid or peace, love and prosperity in the home, you need to see this woman of GOD today! She tells you all before you utter a word. She can bring the spirit of release and control your every affair and dealing. Are you suffering from illness or disease that you cannot cure? There is a doctor of all doctors. This doctor is GOD. Thousands of people are amazed at the results gotten by HER. When your case seems hopeless, there is a remedy for you. Read James, Chapter 5, verses 13-16. Then come to see ME as many others do from far and near. You are bound to be satisfied! Satisfaction is doubly guaranteed. One visit is all you need. GUARANTEED RESULTS IN THREE DAYS. Two Free Questions by Phone. (Phone number) Los Angeles, CA.
 Found under our windshield wiper blade after stopping into WalMart on Thursday. I am dazzled.

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