Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm the king of this town, and my cake gets extra frosting.

My artistic confidence is on a pendulum. Can I really make money this way? There are so many extremely talented people out there. A lot of people more talented than me are struggling. What's the difference between me and them? Why should I succeed?

Maybe I should start wearing fake eyelashes and batting them at everyone, or keep a stash of candy in my purse and give pieces to people in power. Pretty sure those are the keys to success.

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Kathleen said...

It's the Windows of Heaven principle, matched with your specific talents. Yes, Summer, you can make money using your artistic gifts. When your self confidence is lacking, add all the confidence the rest of us have for you and take the average. We believe in you!

Brooklyn said...

It's true. You're amazing.

Bakes. said...

keeping candy in your pocket is always a step to success. always.