Friday, October 8, 2010

Cultural differences?

Our ward (which has so far proven to be sincerely rad) kindly provided us with meals for about our first week and a half here. The interesting thing is that in those meals, we received at least four whole or half rotisserie chickens. And the chicken isn't necessarily the entree. One night we got a taco salad, burritos (enough for two per person)...and half a chicken. We got another set of build-your-own tacos that came with half a chicken, and another chicken came with build-you-own pitas. It looks like maybe you get a chicken and then shred it up to put in your other food? Or you have chicken plus another entree? I don't quite understand; I've never encountered such rotisserie prolifery in Utah or Colorado. Or Georgia or Washington. Any insights?

In other news, Elliot is supposed to be napping right now, but he's totally not. Wonder what he's giggling at.

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Anonymous said...

Chicken is the new jello