Monday, August 16, 2010

Some pictures and some words

These might even be chronological:

Elliot at a splash park in Colorado, which we visited in July. He <3 water.

The arm sticking out of the helmet really makes this picture.

Elliot <3 airplanes. So we visited the Boeing Museum of Flight.

Sometimes my baby is an old man.

"Show me your teeth!"

Just look at that flawless little face. And crooked teeth.

Dental hygiene: it's genetic.

I am the beach ball.

I like the composition of this picture.

And this one is just sweet.

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Lisa Loo said...

Summer! These pictures are adorable! Amazing to see how much he's grown and gotten more teeth! See you in 9 (?) days!

Josh + Jul said...

I must say, your little one has just about the cutest toddler hair EVER! :) That, and he's just stinkin' adorable in general.