Friday, February 5, 2010

Fine Doodles in unexpected places

I finally found a popular blogger willing to host a Fine Doodles giveaway. Look! There's my ad, right there on the left! The giveaway will be later this month, once I get her sample painting to her.

Also, here? I don't think she's copying me - she probably just had the same idea and looked it up to see if it had been done, maybe? As best we can figure, the Chinese reads something like this: "These drawings/paintings can actually make money! Fees may refer to above website. To place an order make a comment."

Business is still doing pretty well - we just shipped an order to someone who found out about us thanks to the cards I left at Elliot's pediatrician's office. Word is slowly spreading.

Three cheers for making money with paint!

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Shelly said...

Yay! I wish you success in all of your painting endeavors.

bekki said...

Hello Summer! We miss you!!! Is your fine doodles website copyrighted? Whether or not they are copying your idea I think they should have the decency to at least copy out the prices themselves.

Katie said...

I don't know if you've ever heard of A Little Sussy, but she's really popular in UT and she just blogged about your work!!


Hopefully it'll boost your company a bit! I think it's such a great idea!