Tuesday, October 6, 2009


October is empirically awesome.

So we decided about a month ago that Andy and Elliot were going to be a pair of astronauts for Halloween. I'm not going to be (mostly because we only have one of the key piece of costumery that made us decide to do astronauts in the first place - the white body suit that Andy had to wear when Elliot was born). So what should I be?

I thought about going as the solar system, a rocket ship, or an alien to go along with the space theme, but those don't excite me. Or outside of the theme, I strongly considered going as the house from Up, but getting that many water-balloons filled with helium would be out of our budget.

So we've been considering some pseudo-in-the-theme "sci-fi babes" I could be. So far we've thought about:

  • Seven of Nine
  • Chick from Logan's Run
  • Mon Mothma
  • Starbuck
  • Trillian
  • Weena
  • HAL...not really a "babe" in the traditional sense

Of that list I have to admit that I find HAL the most tempting right now. Cheap, easy, nerdy, yet fairly recognizable and fits well with astronauts. And I'm not usually one to go the "cheap and easy" route on Halloween costumes, but with all the effort I'm putting into the astronaut costumes I probably need to. What do you think?

Speaking of which, I don't want to waste these awesome costumes on one night of Halloween. Are you guys doing anything on Friday, October 30th?

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Whistler said...

Sci-fye babes? You could be a green alien. Or Valentine, from your favorite book.

I'm free the 30th.

Bakes. said...

i happen to love sci fi....ergo, i love ALL of these options. you could also being a member of Star Fleet... with a basic red, yellow, or blue turtleneck, the star trek insignia would be easy to make out of felt and glue on. also, agent scully, of the x files... although i do feel excellent about HAL.

Bakes. said...

ps i'm also free the 30th, and totally second the suggestion of Valentine. She is amazing and i love her!!!

Ben said...

Um, and that makes Elliot the "Star Child", which if you could pull off, would be a. ma. zing.