Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Curtain Decision '09

We need a new shower curtain. Inspired by Maranda's find (funny, but a little gross), I decided to look online. To my surprise, Amazon has an impressive selection of terrifically random shower curtains for pretty cheap, and since we've already got an order pending with super saver shipping, why not get one of these? I'll be posting my very first blog poll to the right; please cast your votes there. The contenders:

Top 500 SAT Words. This one is a really strong front-runner.
World Map 1
The Jolly Roger. This one isn't a likely choice, but it exists.
The Periodic Table is a fantastic choice. I used to dedicate minutes and minutes of class time to finding words spelled in it.
World Map 2, includes country flags.

Okay, friends. Go make your vote count.

8 reason(s) to click here:

Lisa Michelle said...

The picture of the vocab one isn't clear, so if it has definitions, I choose that one. If not, I'd go with the world map.

Lindsay said...

I'd choose the SAT words. Learn while you shampoo.

Whistler said...

I agree with the words one, though the map is a close second. But wait... is it on the outside of the curtain? I guess you can still learn while on the toilet, if not in the shower.

Bakes. said...

yikes! this is a hard decision... i'd say either the world map with flags or the top 500 words... although i have also dedicated a lot of my time finding words in the periodic table...only i do it during sacrament in the Benson building!

Laurie said...

Definitely the periodic table. Also: one of my friends owns a periodic table of desserts that's framed in her dining room, and I almost wept in envy.

Emily said...

I have World Map 1 in my bathroom and I love it. Sam's old roommate Chris and his roommate have the SAT words one.

I love them both!!

BUT, I totally voted for the periodic table, maybe because I feel like I am already familiar with every country in the world since I've had the shower curtain for like a year.

Ben said...

World map. End of story

MichelleAlison said...

I vote for them all... except for the jolly roger. Just layer them and decide what you study by how hard you squint. I wish there was a scripture mastery shower curtain... maybe I'll invent it.