Monday, July 20, 2009

Proof that we live in a scifi novel:

Second man on the moon and hip hop artist Buzz Aldrin founded a program called ShareSpace, whose timid website encourages the people to donate toward the cause of public space travel. He's been thoroughly one-upped by the appropriately rock-n-roll, blow-your-mind website over at Virgin Galactic, where it turns out you can already book reservations. TO OUTER SPACE. At a mere $200,000 a ticket, Andy and I are hatching plans to get forty $10,000-limit credit cards, max them out, then go bankrupt and die blissfully in space. Or return to Earth utterly broke but euphoric with the thought, "Holy crap, I've been to space," which we will think every five minutes for the rest of our lives. And while we're at it, have you heard what's up with Earth lately? It's full of MONSTERS. Like this pulsating sewer creature (they really don't know what it is), this mystery sea sound (credit for which is sometimes given to Cthulhu), and this "arctic blob" (which they actually have identified now).

Stranger than fiction, people.

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Bakes. said...

you have just changed my life...again.

ps when i clicked on one of the links, there was an ad at the top of the page that said "if you die today..." and i thought "they better get those credit cards FAST."

Lindsay said...

wow-200,000 dollars huh? Incredible, grab hold of the market!