Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Specific Woes of Growing Up

I've been working again every morning while Andy, trooper that he is, takes Elliot into his office with him. It tears me in half - on one hand, I want to be a stay-at-home mama to my baby and pay him all the attention that Andy can't while he's working and watching him at the same time. On the other hand, we're dirt poor and the a) cost b) unavailability to those with pre-existing conditions c) general buttheadishness d) all of the above of insurance is shredding us up. FORTUNATELY, and we really are fortunate, something about Elliot getting denied from the one insurance company made him eligible for BYU insurance. Which, if Andy had not decided to take another semester of classes, would not be possible. And through the grace of my bosses I'm still getting my insurance paid for by my job, but it ends up costing us the same whether I'm on the BYU plan or not. So we're all going to be on BYU insurance starting in July, which is still pretty expensive but far, far less so than what we had.

Elliot's last maybe-we-can-still-squeak-by-without-needing-hearing-aids appointment was this morning, but it wasn't meant to be: Elliot is going to need hearing aids for life, and he's going to get some before he turns six months old. But during all our efforts both medical and spiritual to get his ears healed, I felt, peacefully, that this would be the case. And we're doing fine. We're blessed that our baby's little problem is definable and containable and has a clear solution. We're blessed that we could get him onto BYU insurance. We'll still be paying for his hearing aids out of pocket, but we're blessed to be able to handle that.

Ah those little ears. At least they're cute.

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Laurie said...

God bless you. I mean it. And Elliot and Andy too.

Lindsay said...

:) Yay for cute little ears. I'm glad that BYU accepted you. I 100% understand pre-existing conditions and not being insurable. Elliot is lucky to have such faithful parents!

Tianna said...

Awww... hon. I'm sorry. I'm starting to get an idea of what stuff like that means to a mom. And I only got a slight scare... nothing like this.