Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So here's the skinny:

A) We didn't get into grad school this time around, so Andy delayed graduation until December. He's still going through the ceremony this week, but he's going to take some more classes and write some more papers and become an all-around studlier MA candidate. Which means that, yes, we're staying in Provo for at least another six months, probably another year.

B) Elliot, perfect little boy that he is, has some mild hearing loss in his left ear and moderate in the right. If the right ear doesn't clear up a little (it might - there's potentially some fluid in there) then he's definitely going to need hearing aids; if it does, he'll be borderline, but will probably need them at least while he's learning to talk. A little disheartening, but it's not a big deal if you think of them like glasses for the ears. Expensive glasses.

C) Elliot is learning to smile.

Life is good.

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Optimistic. said...

High-five for optimism. I doubt I would have taken that news quite as well.

krebscout said...

Oh the irony.


Whistler said...

that's disappointing... (and unexpected, considering what great GRE scores he got). I like you guys and I want things to go well for you.

I agree: hearing aids are like glasses for ears.