Monday, January 19, 2009

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da

  • We went to Phoenix and Seattle for Christmas. This beautiful lady is Andy's great-grandmother (our child's great-great-grandmother) and she is one hundred years old. I took this photo while we were interviewing her in her back yard in Arizona.
  • I'm 33 weeks along, and the doctor on Saturday said that everything looks superfly. After my next appointment, I'm going to start going to the doctor every week, and they're going to check me for signs of labor each time.
  • Andy and I are so in love with this baby.
  • Some old high school friends were volunteering at Sundance this weekend, so we went to go spend an evening with them. Apparently we walked right by Pierce Brosnan, but I had no idea.
  • Nicknaming one's baby "Babysaurus" can get one the unforseen benefits of dinosaur-themed baby gifts, a t-shirt of a dinosaur holding a cupcake, and people thinking that you may have actually named your baby "Soris."
  • After my computer (my only hope of making any money from home after the baby is born) began to rumble and vibrate, we were concerned that perhaps it was unhappy. So we took advantage of a deal on my coworker's old laptop. I now have a Powerbook G4. Weird.
  • We're about 98% sure we're going to have our baby blessing on March 29th. You're so invited.
  • Everything keeps changing.

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ashley. said...

if you'll remember how spectacular i am at navigating your area of the state, i'll start now in hopes of arriving for the blessing.

if i'm invited.

Lisa Myers said...

don't forget the dinosaur bibs (cute-a-saurus) and the towel (little soap-a-saurus)!

CJ said...

how awesome will it be to tell your kid when it is 12 or 13 about it's pre-birth nickname and subsequent dino-themed everything.

You should totally find some dinosaur wallpaper because 1)wallpaper is so tacky that it is totally awesome and 2) Because I bet I would have rather had dinosaurs on my walls as a kid instead of airplanes so I'm sure your kid will feel the same.

krebscout said...

Lisa, of course! That's what I meant by dinosaur-themed baby gifts. The only other one was the little stuffed dino from your grandmother.

This is a lucky baby.

YOUR sister-in-law said...

I know you too lady! and I love your blog! And you!