Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh baby.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and we heard our baby's heartbeat. It took effort to find and keep the sound, which worried me a little, but the doctor didn't seem concerned. He said it was hiding in the back, moving around, and "must be a girl, because it's playing hard to get." And it wasn't much of a heartbeat in the way we think of them - just a soft, rapid "wooshwooshwoosh" sound among the white noise of my innards.

The office and the staff were pleasant, friendly, clean. It was honestly a really great experience - it's the same office that delivered Andy, all of his sisters, and my latest nephew Landon, among others. And I really, really like the doctor I saw.

They couldn't get any blood out of me (I love that the only small things about me are my wrists and my veins) so I'm going back tomorrow to get that done. The rest of me looked normal and healthy, though, and just right for popping out a shortie.

I feel both calm and manic.

And they gave me a free gift!

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Grandma Myers said...

My grandbaby has a heartbeat!

Bakes. said...

1. i think the word "babysaurus" is entirely appropriate.

2. i love that you are just right for "popping out a shorty". perfect.

Kiley & Tyler said...

Congrats! Erin told me about the addition. I like your blog but I don't understand some of the words. You are amazing.