Monday, September 29, 2008

My dream home.

To slightly paraphrase a movie* I have never seen:

"Why don't you and I have a couple of goofy kids who get our jokes? We could laugh and sing together for the rest of our lives."

That sentiment is, in a nutshell, everything that I want out of my secular life. First, I want a house of love, faith, prayer, scripture-study, gratitude, hard work, obedience, respect, service, charity, integrity, responsibility, humility, intelligence, kindness, gentleness, patience, and Family Home Evening.

But after those things, I want a house of goofiness and laughter.

This is why I married Andy.

As far as I can tell, there's something of a formula to this - lots of kids, not a lot of money, and two goofy parents. In reverse order: check, check, and working on it.

Do you get my vision? Can you see the glory I'm going for, full of hand-me-downs and home-movies and Superman capes and joi de vivre?

Tell me about your family. Tell me what home you want.

*The movie is Evening, starring Claire Danes and some other females. You can watch the clip in which this quote is correctly delivered on Youtube, but I warn you: it smacks of chick-flick. And ham.

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Chillygator said...

I like your dream (o: Sans the "no money" part. I want to have enough to take my kids traveling to cool places since my parents would take my sister and me to some amazing places (that I wasn't even grateful for at the time. Man...children are retarded) and I'm glad I've had the experiences.

Whistler said...

I want a home where my kids will be learning things all the time and won't even realize it. And lots of books?

M@ Reichman said...

I have nothing useful to say, but sign me up for this dream home, too, because it sounds terrific. You and Andy are well on your way, maybe-cousins of mine.

p.s. I was about to ask you what it takes to become one of your friends on this blog of yours, and even suggest creating a "Cousin" list of linked blogs in case it was the ambiguously defined acquaintanceship you might create by labeling me a "friend" that was holding you back before. But now I glance to my right and see that "Cousin Matt" has made the cut. It's a good day.

ashley. said...

Evening was worth watching, to me, when I got to the scene of Claire Danes in the character's early life lying in a bed with her best friend. She whispers some kind of sweet nothing to her as the friend cries. Then, much later in life, the friend comes to Vanessa Redgrave, climbs into her death bed and whispers the same sweet nothing to her. They're old ladies and old friends and I sighed and it all made one sort of eternal (yes, eternal) round and then I sighed again. Maybe once more for good measure.

But I can't answer your real question, yet.

LJ said...

Jimmy and I want a small life, with not a lot of money and a lot of kids and, as my sister-in-law Ami put it, "laughter for a hundred million years (at least)."

Erin said...

Summer, if I am sure about one thing it's that you and Andy will have a magical home full of art projects and kids who are way more awesome than they realize. And they will also be more awesome then all their classmates, just so you know.

I share your desire for creating a fantastic home full of happy kids. I hope both our dreams come true.

Also, I love that your child is a boy--maybe. Are you going to prep for a boy, or for a unisex child?

Eliza said...

I agree with ashley.

Also, I think the home you and Andy create will be amazing.