Monday, July 28, 2008

Today deserves another post

Most of you know that I do some simple graphic design for a real estate company these days. It's been a wonderful job for me. I sit in a basement forty hours a week with two other youngish people and crank out fliers, publications, and web-related miscellany on behalf of real estate agents and the houses they're selling. The cool thing (and the downfall) about it is that we're a paid-for service put on by the company; the agents don't have to pay us for our time, only for our color copies. However, this means that we get abused. And it's kinda funny the things they ask us to do for them.

What My Job is Supposed to Be:

I am a graphic designer meant to listen to the ideas and desires of agents, contribute my creativity and design sense, and bring their needs to fruition within the next 48 hours. I also take care of putting photo tours of the houses on the company website, printing fliers and posters, and fielding phone calls and emails.

What Some Agents Think My Job Is:

- "Please take each of these seventy pages out of these sheet protectors, scan both sides, and put them back in the sheet protectors, in order, in the next thirty minutes."
- "Please take the pictures off of my camera, rename them, and delete them from my camera, because I don't know how to do that. Oh, you'll also have to figure out how to get the memory card out because that's not my job."
- "Please make two clever CD covers for a mix that my daughter made for her friend's birthday. Oh, and I really need that done today even though you're backed up on two days' worth of real work."
- "Please make a flier for a personal condo I'm trying to sell that has nothing to do with this company."
- "Please email me the website. Not the URL, not the link, but the actual website."
- "Please design some cute bookmarks and put this quote on them so I can give them to the ladies I visit teach on Thursday."

No exaggerations. That last one slays me. Someday I'll compile a list of Really Tactless Things People Say at My Work. It will be a good one.

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ashley said...

I'm sorry. At least they always say please?

LJ said...

Part of my job responsibilities as a PR director include running off 35 agendas, buying two packages of homemade cookies from Safeway, lugging a case of water into my trunk, and then driving 50 miles to a monthly meeting about bark beetles, water conservation and other Forest Service issues. Oh, and taking copious notes about the meeting.

Um, what?!

Erin said...

Summer, I'm so sorry that kind of stuff happens to you. I respect you as a graphic designer, and had I a business, I would give you a job with only legitimate tasks involved.

The Visiting Teaching one really is the worst.

Bakes. said...

hahaha. while i would hate for that to be me, this is hilarious! my favorite is the cd cover.