Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Story I've Told Some of You Before

So my senior year, my high school drama club put on Bye Bye Birdie, which happens to be one of my favorite campy old musicals. The props people went to ARC to get some old records to decorate the walls of Albert Peterson's office, and one day I read the labels on all of them. One of them, a little mini one with a yellow label, was titled Young Helen Keller. This was of course, in my mind, a compilation of the golden hits from Helen Keller's early singing career, a.k.a. the funniest artifact of all time. I had to have it. So I took it after the show was over and stashed it in my room with all the other cool crap I own.

When my mom and sister came to visit the other week, they brought a truckload of things from my old bedroom closet. Among the notebooks-turned-illustrated-fantasy-novels and the clay/paint/sketchbooks were both Young Helen Keller and my record player. So I put them together and, for the first time, listened to the dulcet sounds of...somebody reading the book, Young Helen Keller. I had realized it was a recording of the book years ago, but I still hoped.

Anyway, Andy and I decided to make a real band of it. We're tossing around a couple of sweet names, like "Helen Keller and the Sorcerer's Stone" or "Helen Keller and the Audio/Visual Club."

Come to our shows. Buy a t-shirt or two.

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