Monday, May 19, 2008

Two items of business

1. Somebody needs to throw a really amazing Halloween party this year, because hot dang I'm excited about our costumes.

2. Some of you may remember the great 12-piece-swimsuit debate of last year. This year, I will retract my support of multi-piece swimwear if you will all (be prepared for a pun) pool together the money to buy me the swimsuit to the right.

That is all.

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MustacheBoy said...

I am very much in favor of multi-piece swimwear.

Especially for men.

The Moores said...

Hey Summer! :)

Erin said...


I find it ironic that I found your blog from a link on SHELLY'S blog, since hers has not been updated in about 7 months. And when she had one, I didn't.

But the point is this--I'm SO glad you do, because it's my new favorite one.

And the Baby-sitters club one I found the other day.

Erin said...

And I also want that swimsuit. Maybe we can pool our money together and share it. Swimsuits are a good clothing item to share, I think.

Maranda said...

I love looking up vintage swimwear online. There are so many awesome ones.