Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sometimes I think immature things are funny.* Like the speed limit sign by our house that has been electrical-taped to say "PEE LIMIT", or the cross-walk hand down the street that has been permanent-markered to flip everyone off.** Heh.

*These generally fall into the category of I-can't-really-support-this-but-it's-still-dang-funny. Please refer to M-vs-G 2005, in which case a certain missionary wrote his companion a letter "from the mission president" that enumerated a "higher law" exclusive to those who were especially obedient and included rules like, "Don't call dibs."
**This made me laugh out loud in my car, and brought back a flood of memories collectively known as The "Push Butt to Cross" Incident.

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Holly said...

"They think they're sooo funny"

gp said...

Have you ever seen the signs that instruct people to "speed hump"?