Tuesday, August 28, 2007

College Ruled

First: I love the ticker at the top of my blog.

Second: Wow.

In what scientists are calling, "pretty awesome," this has indisputably been the best summer [span style="font-weight:bold;"]ever[/span]. Since last we spoke, I have attended two terrific concerts, accidentally purchased a wedding band, urinated blood, lost a wedding ring in the mail, been the beneficiary of several great kindnesses, spent a rainy night in a memorable little cabin, took my boy home, saw two dear friends that I hadn't seen in a year at least, talked to Dean on the phone for over an hour about subjects both intimate and Hawaiian, received a dozen lilac-colored roses, volunteered at a soup kitchen, went wedding dress shopping, moved (halfway, at least), majorly lucked out on issues academic, was struck with new drive and was presented a plan, needed-worried about-found a seamstress, was given the sweetest ring made of bark on a swing in the park, and threw away at least ten full bags of trash.

I'm not even officially engaged - I'd have told you if I was. The whole ring-getting-lost-in-the-mail thing was a big setback, but it's better now. That obviously hasn't held back the planning, though. Dunno. When it comes to weddings, I'm somewhere between the philosophies of, "This is B.S." and "Whee! This is fun." The really incredible part is that I get to marry my best friend in four months from today, most likely. Which happens to be the day that two of my other best friends are getting hitched too.

I really love this kid.

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Thirdmango said...

If you need someone to take decent free engagement photos, let me know. I did a couple of awesome ones for the last one I did.

Krebscout said...

Man you're nice. Thanks. We actually got hook-ups with decent free engagement photos, in the form of L'Afro.

I didn't know you were a photographer.

Genuine Draft said...

Whee! Four months and counting down - I know the exact same feeling! Also, I'm so glad that when I come home today it'll be to the same place you live.

Kismet Keeper said...

I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!