Thursday, June 7, 2007

Barfing happiness

I am blessed to the gills, my friends.

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Kismet Keeper said...

So I was writing out a new entry when you commented. I thought it was kind of ironic.

I've not told the story quite yet, but I plan on it. Here, you can have a sneak preview: I met him out there, in Provo, and we hit it off. When I got home, I missed him and it was strange. A few days later, he IMed me and we've talked every day since. It's all very..."whirlwind-romance" but I'm enjoying it. I've never felt this way. I like it. =)

Mr. Jimbles said...

Things are good, aren't they? there going to be a Bastille Day party? Just wondering.

And the word verification was "simvay." It sounds very Indian.