Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Evening, or A Romantic Dramedy in Two Parts

Part 1:

I left my apartment just as the sun was setting. I was contemplating the Board question about where the phrase "I Heart (Blank)" came from when suddenly a guy standing on the sidewalk said, "I heart you too". I thought it was pretty coolslashweird that he could read my mind until I realized the shirt I was wearing. Some of you might remember it - it's actually a rejected Threadless design from years ago, but I emailed the designer asking if I could print it as an iron-on for myself. It's the one that reads "I <3 U Boats", but the "Boats" part is kind of subtle, and there's a picture of a U-boat in the middle of the heart. I said to him, "It actually says 'I Heart U-Boats', so unless you're a submarine ..." to which he replied, "I could be ... Can I try out?"

I kept walking, suppressing the biggest laugh of my life.

Part 2:

The place I was walking to? Campus. And the reason? I needed to pick up my paintings from my final last week. Technically, we were supposed to have everything picked up by the 26th. The further I walked, the more frightened I became, kicking myself for being too lazy to pick up my dang babies earlier. My hopes were raised when I found that all of the classrooms in the HFAC were still open and apparently messy, but then they were dashed the instant I saw the painting room's barren cubbies. I desperately searched in all the teachers' little hiding places that I know about. Finally I found them by Joe Ostraff's office; he tends to take abandoned student work and do his own paintings over them. He only keeps panels and canvases, though - all of my work on paper was thrown out, which isn't a big loss. My only regret is one nervy little piece which included a hot dog and the text, "this is not my usual style okay, okay, okay." I also had an existential crisis while looking at an illustration kid's work, but I think that's mostly blown over. So here I am, waiting for my kind friend Yellow to pick up my babies and me.

Moral of the story - I got hit on tonight by a guy who said he wanted to try out for a submarine. Heh.

Also, this may or may not be my hundredth post.

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Kismet Keeper said...

Ha ha, I have to say that is one of the best "getting hit on stories" I've ever heard.....er, read. *grin*