Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Tonight, I was driving up to meet some friends with Dean and CJ - there was a train stopped dead at an intersection with a heavy backup of cars. We happened to get stuck on a bridge over a river and its inviting little valley, full of trees and tall grass. I asked how we could get down to the valley. Dean said, "You just jump, krebscout." So he got out of the car and he did. It was probably a twelve or fifteen foot drop. He ran to one of the trees and disappeared for a while. CJ pointed out that the people in the van behind us were laughing at us. Dean came back just as the cars started to move again. He shimmied up a tree and I pulled him back onto the bridge. The man driving the van poked his head out of the window (he was wearing a yellow and black wig, likely on his way to a seasonal sporting event) and yelled, "All that just for a whiz?"

I love that stuff.

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Optimistic. said...

Dean and CJ! We were just talking about those two. Tell them hello for me.

Kismet Keeper said...

You have the best friends ever.

L'Afro said...


Wow. Wow. That is a good quip, especially coming from a guy in a yellow-and-black wig.