Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tip 39

Krebscout Survival Tip #39 - How to be one of Krebscout's favorite humans:

- Get excited about little things, such as a Hello Kitty egg-dying kit or the brand of your stapler.
- Be emotionally independent. I don't want you to be needy to me or anybody else; I'm attracted by inner peace and self-reliance.
- Be able to not talk too much or too much about yourself. I value a well-timed silence, confident minimalism, and a sincere interest in other people and what other people want to talk about.
- Ask questions. Boy howdy do I like it when you ask questions.
- Laugh without reserve.
- Don't have strong opinions about things that don't matter.
- Tell good stories. Real ones.
- Always be working on something, engaged in something that you're excited about. Don't be stagnant.
- Follow the rules. Including those of board games.
- Don't double-dip.
- Don't care about what you look like a whole lot. For example, a friend once refused to go water tubing with me because she didn't want her hair to get "all lakey". Lame.
- Live big, or make your life big by the way you look at it.
- Be laid back. Don't get annoyed or offended easily, don't demand that things go the way you think they should.
- Make it evident in your words and your actions that you are a follower of Christ.

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ahem. said...

I embezzle when I play Monopoly.

Thirdmango said...

Speaking of this, the only time I ever played Star Wars Monopoly was when it was with my high school buddies. We caught Steve and Gary stealing money, and asked them about it and they replied, "Look at our figures, we're the Dark Side." The board was thrown into the air before anyone could make it once around, and we never played it again.

ashley said...

where can i apply?