Monday, March 19, 2007

On account of grown-ups and their ways

Please forgive the excessive blogging. To blog: the onomatopoeic verb for discharging one's metaphorical indigestion. Synonyms: to intervomit, to spill your tubes.

The truth is that sometimes I act mighty young and foolish. I am mighty young and foolish. Good thing that'll be instantly changed soon, as I'm fixing to celebrate my 21st birthday. More on that later.

Tonight in the shower (my ultimate thinking spot), I came up with some sort of game plan. It might be to help me grow up a little, or it might just be to help me survive this ridiculous semester. I'm not sure that those aren't the same thing, since if I die, I probably won't grow up. Anyway, not for your benefit but for mine, here is the Krebscout Survival Plan:

- You have an hour and a half between painting class and work. Stay and paint during that extra hour.
- Lose some dang weight. You'll never be a real petite girl, and that's fine, but you can feel that this is heavier than your body wants to be. Stop eating s'darn much sugar. There are specific plans in the works for this, but they don't need to be spelled out here.
- Figure out what love is. You know what I mean.
- Consider yourself scheduled to work on Thursday afternoons, Friday mornings, and Saturday mornings or evenings, because obviously just thinking "I'll go in to train when I can!" isn't enough. Need some discipline here.
- Paint when you're not at work. Go back to seeing painting as an abundant source of joy rather than a burden.
- There are two things you decided to do for Lent. They're progressing nicely but still need help. There are three other things you wrote down in your God journal around the same time. Remember what Elder Bednar said. Work on items 1 and 3, using item 2.
- Sleep like a normal human.
- Stop saying stupid things.
- Find that quality - that je ne sais quoi that Captain Picard and Albus Dumbledore have - how they are always calm and capable in the face of the most subtle to the most extreme physical or ethical peril and don't say stupid things.
- Become worthy to be a wife. And by that I mean stop being petty, stop making your ego the center of things, and figure out what love is.
- Spend less time online.
- Shave legs more.
- Get confident, stupid. Sure you make mistakes, but you're liked well enough by those that matter most to you. You're no good when you get all self conscious - you think about yourself too much.
- Read scriptures at a time when you won't fall asleep mid-chapter, slump onto the pages, and then rip them when you suddenly wake up.
- Stop being a jerk to certain friends.
- Take some time to think before reacting.
- Never stop praying.

Self - check back on my progress in a month. I mean it. I will not live a half-hearted life.

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Thirdmango said...

I can keep you in check on some of these as I too need to work on these specifically. In light of my doctor's appointment tomorrow, probably what's going to be said is, eat less sugar and get into better shape. I had been going to 24 hour fitness for a while and it was helping out but then I stopped. I just need to get back in the habit. More walks. More excersize.

Also i need to get on a regular sleeping schedule as I need to start my job this week. And though I really don't want to say it because I love spending time online, i too need to spend less time online. Though i can get that number back up a little bit once summer starts. Good luck on these. If you do well with competition we can compete. :)

Yellow said...

Hmmm. I knew there was a reason I think you're awesome.

I think I just found it in blog form.