Friday, March 16, 2007

All art is quite useless. -Oscar Wilde

My BFA application is due on April first. Or, since that is a Sunday, I think it's actually due on April the second. I'm required to have 15-20 slides of my work. This scares the jack out of me.

I'm not sure why. I'm pretty confident that at my skill level, I can get in. Perhaps it's that I'm terrified of not fulfilling my potential. I feel like I'm making and making all the time, but now that I'm going through all my collected work to pick out pieces for the portfolio, I have nothing to show for it. Maybe one or two paintings that I'm okay with. I know what I'm capable of. Why haven't I reached that? Why do I have to apply to this, the pinnacle of my college art career, with a collection of average and forgettable somethings?

I hereby vow to refuse to let this be a parallel to my life.

Also, wish me luck.

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Scarlet Flamingo said...

Good luck kindred art spirit, good luck.

Yellow said...

Good luck. On all fronts.

Thirdmango said...

If you need me to critique on which ones I think you should submit I'd be more the willing to do so. I know how applications can be insane. Good luck.