Friday, February 23, 2007

Some units, a dream, and Tip 6

In light of Tip 4 and my ongoing obsession with units, I thought I'd add some units that I previously omitted (though I have to confess that some of these I'd never heard of* until I looked up the spellings of others):

- span
- cake
- lozenge
- joule
- watt
- erg*
- dyne*
- ampere*
- newton
- coulomb
- parsec
- lightyear
- senine
- senum
- ezrom
- amnor
- onti

In other news, I had the happiest of dreams last night. Most of the people who read this blog (a.k.a. my dear friends) were in it, as well as someone's little brother. He wasn't mine, on'accounta I don't have one. We were all younger, too; both children and as we are at the same time. The setting reminded me of the scene in What Dreams May Come where Robin Williams runs through his wife's painting - bright and surreal and atmospheric. Soft purple thistles grew up to my shoulders, so thick and so fluid that we were swimming just as much as we were walking. We were playing a game - a mix of Tag and Sardines, and there was a boat and candy involved. I was chasing a young red-haired someone around a bend in a creek (there are many red-heads in my life, who knows which one it was) when the younger brother asked me why we were going so slow, and then I woke up.

Krebscout Survival Tip #6: Don't die.

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flippin said...

May you have several amnors (or amnorum) of happiness in your life. And perhaps 3.5 ergs of mischief.