Saturday, February 24, 2007

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I keep asking peeps for social things on which I can tagalog, as my social life has kinda taken a dive (and tonight it was no matter, for I spent many more hours than planned at work and in HFAC). But as Elizabeth Bennet once said, "I do not play on the weekends so well as I should wish to, but I have always supposed it was because I did not take the time to practice."

So let me take the initiative this time and announce, officially, a few Krebscout-hosted soirees-to-be this semester (and if you're reading this, even if we've never met, you really are invited):

- Easter Standard Time - Some of you are already aware of the rare gem that is one of Elder M's Christmas gifts to me; it is, in fact, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Turtles' Awesome Easter on VHS. Can you think of a more rad or more secular way to celebrate this beloved holiday? There will be egg-dying (you provide your own eggs, I'll provide the PAAS) and a viewing of this incredible tape. I've never seen so many egg-related puns in one blurb. Details forthcoming.

- The Mafia Party - Ahem and I have been talking about this for months. I think it should happen in March; March and Mafia both start with the same two letters, after all. There will be games of mafia, a mafia-related movie on the projector (possibly Bugsy Malone), and mafia-themed snacks. Details also forthcoming.

- Friday, March 9th - Less of a party and more of an exclusive night out, Thirdmango will likely be giving me a ride to the airport this night to pick up future roommate skyrunway (for her spring break visit). This is mostly me inviting one or a combination of two of the ladies Uffish, ahem, and Genuine to come along and meet the misses. It promises to rock.

- Every Thursday - As usual, The Office at my place. With the possibility of Taco Bell or Optimistic. eating cake with a GIANT FORK afterward.

- My Birthday - oh you know.

Keep your eyes peeled for ammendments.

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Whistler said...

Oh! Will there be any Italian Stallions at the Mafia party?

Thirdmango said...

Yay for parties!