Monday, December 11, 2006

Three more miracles and an epiphany

-I received a voicemail from Elder M's former companion, Elder J, fresh off the mission. He had just spoken with Elder M on the phone and called me to say, "Elder M says hi." I loved this so much.
-Two days ago, I went to the bathroom in the HFAC. A girl was inside, facing the door, and she was singing. So loudly. Our eyes met but we didn't really acknowledge each other. I slipped into the stall and proceeded to use the bathroom. She just kept singing. And this was that epic, operatic stuff that you know is about some cosmic truth despite the fact that you don't know what language it's in. My experience aligned with the swells and summits of her music. I had a soundtrack to pee to, and I want more.
-When I came home yesterday, there were cookies waiting for me on the table.

And the epiphany I had is that I realized I don't get PMS, I'm just in synch with the world's monthly cycle of idiocy.

That's my way of apologizing for being in a foul mood all week.

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flippin said...

The only guess I have as to who you are is the quote about the universe...but is this an accurate assessment of the situation?

krebscout said...

Are you kidding me, flippin? The universe, Pete and Pete all over the place, and several mentions of an Elder? You know exactly who I am. We're friends.

krebscout said...

Oh, and the Office and L&T too. That should be fairly obvious.

Yellow said...

You know, you hide your foul moods very well.

Flops said...

All I have to say is that someone had better sing in a dead language [preferably Latin] the next time I use the restroom. Only then I think my life will be complete