Friday, December 8, 2006

"I am realistic - I expect miracles" -Wayne Dyer

When people ask me how I am, my response is often so enthusiastically positive that they're surprised. My secret to happiness is that I have a pact with the Universe - it treats me right, I talk it up. Tell my friends.

Consequently, here is a list of miracles in my recent life:

-Yesterday, I somehow safety pinned my pants to my underwear while wearing them.
-I compulsively steal "Wet Paint" signs. Some presented themselves to me today.
-For cooking class, we use these tiny ice cube trays. I pulled one out two weeks ago and all the cubes were frozen except for one completely liquid spot in the corner (which was a miracle in itself, as the tray had been in the freezer overnight) with H as my witness. I cracked the tray in the usual way, and before my eyes, the liquid square froze over solid in a flash of murky opacity. Instant ice cube. It started to melt again very soon after. Incredible.
-I was introduced to and spent way too much money on this ( fantastic shirt for Elder M., who gets back in six months from today. He is going to flip out.
-Two very amazing high school friends of mine, one of which was hit by a car today, have plans to come to Provo to visit me in March.
-Miller Genuine has begun writing short stories in a style Nicholson Baker would have admired, and she's brilliant at it.
-I've spent three nights out of the past four with Board and Pirate people and it's been delightful. I used to get quite lonely, don't know if you knew. I don't anymore, though, since a month or so into this semester. My friends are so good to me.

My life is just really good.

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